5 Quirky Things about Australia

5 Quirky Things about Australia - The Jax Blog

I love Australia and I love Australians, happy-go-lucky by nature, fun-loving, generous of heart and all round warm and welcoming nation.

Whilst finding my feet in mini South Africa, I noticed a few offbeat things and I’d like to share them with you…

…the 5 Quirky Things about Australia:

1. The National Animals: Kangaroo and Emu are not only found on the coat of arms but

also in their food

Ok so I was adventurous and I did try it…


2. When an Aussie greets you with “How ya goin?” It’s more of a statement than a question

and usually doesn’t require an answer

5 Quirky Things about Australia - The Jax Blog

3. Distances are measured in minutes, not miles or kilometers.


5 Quirky Things about Australia - The Jax Blog

A road sign in the Aussie Outback (source: www.abc.net.au)

4. Double flush toilets – as if once wasn’t good enough

It’s the most unusual thing. in every home, business and public bathroom there are two buttons to flush. One if for a half tank flush and the other for a full tank flush. Saving water, one flush at a time!

5 Quirky Things about Australia - The Jax Blog

Dual Flush toilet (source: www.carlobonetti.com)

5. They have an interesting vernacular; which despite speaking English I just cannot make heads or tails of this slang.

Check out this Aussie advertisement for underwear:

I’m gong to be honest, short of asking my Australian family I googled the meanings of what these two were talking about.

A few Aussie slang phrases and what they mean:

Fair Dinkum – Used to emphasize or seek confirmation of the genuineness or truth of something

Seagulls on a chip – Popoular

Butter me buns and call me biscuit – I told you so

Grinning like a dead sheep – Super happy

Sharp as a bag of hammers – Really dumb

Pat Malone / On your JonesOn your own


So there you have it folks, next time you’re ‘Down Under’ keep a lookout for these 5 quirky things about Australia!

The Jax