American Dream Cars

American dream cars are exactly that due to the hefty price tag of these exquisite beasts!  Mere mortals (well South African mortals at any rate) can only but dream of owning one!

American Dream Cars in South Africa - The Jax Blog

The 1956 Cadillac Sedan De Ville

The 1956 De Soto Fireflight Sportsman

 Rick Rack cadillac give a dog a bone, this old gal came cruising’ home

Vintage beauties of yesteryear, with their gleaming white wall tyres; shiny fenders and tail fins standing proud as peacocks are my kryptonite. There is something so undeniably sexy about a vintage muscle car. Is it the way she purrs when you start her up? Could it be that seductive bar seat in the front? or perhaps it is the chic left-hand drive?

For the life of me, I cannot tell you what the attraction is. All I know is that when I see that hunk of shiny steel with their V6 engines roaring I get weak at the knees.

Lucky lil’ ol’ me was fortunate to enjoy a ride in one of these American Dream Cars, during a weekend country getaway in the enchanting town of Montagu, Western Cape. Just a little ways off of South Africa’s longest wine route, Cape Route 62 is where you will find her.

Cape Route 62 – map courtesy of Cape Country Routes

Route 62 modeled after the iconic Route 66 in the USA, but ours is iconic in its own right as its hailed the longest wine route in South Africa.  Spanning all the way from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, this route comprises of over 70 wine farms and our very own R62 brandy route. So take that Route 66!

This scenic drive takes you through some of the fairest Cape’s most tranquil and alluring little towns.

The Original Four Cousins

A weekend full of wonderment awaited starting with lunch at Christina’s at Van Loveren, a cellar tour and wine tasting with their new alcohol cooler range Fiver. Home of the Four Cousins. Yes, there really were four cousins who made wine, but soon a “boet beer” craft beer will join the family.

The Original Four Cousins of Van Loveren Wine Estate

Art Deco-dence

Shortly after an afternoon of wining (note NOT whining 😉 ) and dining, I was whisked off in an American Dream car for a scenic afternoon ride back to the hotel. I had especially packed my poodle skirt and glittery kicks for the occasion.

I had traversed into a bygone era of vintage decadence whilst staying at the charming Art Deco Montagu Country Hotel. The ornate wooden furniture, eclectic art pieces, and warm homey welcoming transported me back in time.

Stunning Art Deco Canvas in the dining room of The Montagu Country Hotel

This charming 33 bedroomed 1930s Gatsby-esque hotel in the Winelands makes one feel right at home. Not only because of their friendly faces but because of the delicious hearty traditional South African home cooked meals.

Back to the Beauties

The General manager PJ Basson, who also runs Cape Country Routes, had told me that the 1956 Cadillac Sedan De Ville was the very first car to join the American Dream Cars family. Originally Montagu Country Hotel used to drive journalists and tour operators to various tourist destinations.

As popularity grew they soon realised that they needed another American Dream Car and the 1956 De Soto Fireflight Sportsman joined the family.

Video courtesy of Discover SA Travel Channel

Many thanks to Cape Country Routes and Hatch Communications for this delightful weekend getaway!

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