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Cape Town City Life

This bustling city on the slopes of the *7th natural wonder of the world is a multisensorial hive. Cape Town is continuously being voted as one of the Top 10 cities in the world by Conde Naste Magazine.

Colourful Cape Town

Cape Town City Life - The Jax Blog

Lime & Tangerine walls of the Bokaap

A verifiable and heady *biryani of diverse cultures. This is evident in the colourful houses of the Bokaap. Where tangerine and lime walls silently scream tales of a not so colourful past. These candy coloured homes of the Cape Malay residents form the oldest residential area in Cape Town. Most of the older residents are the descendants of the slaves. These were brought to Cape Town by the Dutch in the 16th and 17th centuries. The majority of the Muslims in the Cape arrived from 1658 onwards as slaves, political exiles and convicts from East Africa and South East Asia. Ironically these countries were India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and not Malaysia as the ‘Cape Malay’ term infers. On the 30th November 1804, slavery was abolished in Cape Town thanks to British Colonisation. The emancipated slaves formed a new community at Bokaap.

Cape Town City Life - The Jax Blog

Colourful Bokaap


During former Apartheid years, the area was declared an exclusive residential area for Cape Muslims under the Group Areas Act of 1950. People of other religions and ethnicity were forced to leave. Their story is told in the Bokaap and District Six Museums. Both are well worth a visit to understand part of this vibrant city’s rich history.

Back In The Day

Cape Town was spotted twice back in the 14th century by Portuguese sailors Bartholomew Dias and Vasco Da Gama. It wasn’t until 1652 that the Dutch arrived with Jan Van Riebeek. At this time the first Europeans settled in the Cape.

Since those early days, her doors have been wide open accepting over 10 million visitors annually. Some never to return to their original homes, choosing to settle permanently in the Cape.

Discover the City

Cape Town City Life -The Jax Blog

Entrance to the company gardens in Cape Town (photo: wikipedia)

Take a leisurely stroll through the company gardens as you walk past the houses of parliament. Stop to feed a squirrel, or indulge in a favourite South African past time of “people-watching”. Many city dwellers enjoy this park during their lunch breaks. It’s also quite popular amongst newlyweds basking in the afterglow of their new-found marital bliss as they snap their portraits. More recent and most memorable would be the Annual Halloween parade of the undead which traipses through the park.

Cape Town City Life - The Jax Blog

Annual Halloween Zombie Walk in Cape Town (photo: CapeTownEtc)

Legendary *“Tuynhuys”, home to the President of South Africa, is located on Government Avenue. Between the South African National Parliament Buildings and the President’s Council, adjacent to Company’s Garden. Unlike the White House of America, this is not open to the public but clearly visible from the outside.

Cape Town City Life - The Jax Blog

TuynHuys – Home to the President

At the top of the Company Gardens you can visit the South African National Gallery and Iziko South African Museum.

Cape Town City Life - The Jax Blog

Iziko South African Musem & Planetarium (Photo: Wikipedia)

Cafe Culture

Bart Simpson sculpture in St Georges Mall (Photo credit:

Within the heart of the city, you’re greeted by the fragrant welcome of freshly brewed java. There is no shortage to the amount of coffee shops and cafes in Cape Town.

Capetonians love any excuse for a good cuppa and many meetings centre around these little havens.

Meat Lovers Heaven found at Dutch East Restaurant - The Jax Blog

Food for all

Cruising and Dining in Cape Town - The Jax Blog

Fresh Oysters at The Greek Fisherman

Cape Town City Life - The Jax Blog

Burgers at Fat Harry’s

South Africans love their food! So many diverse cultures leave you truly spoilt for choice when it comes to dining out. From bagels to Burritos there are over 300 dining options within the CBD alone!  Take your tastebuds on a gastronomical adventure.

Cape Town City Life - The Jax Blog

Biltong – South African dried meat. A favourite snack!


Let’s not forget the nightlife. Capetonians love a good party. Whether it be one of the many annual street parades: Cape Town Carnival, Pride, Minstrel Carnival or a night out enjoying some comedy at their local, they’re always up for a good time.

Cape Town Ministrels (photo: Flickr)

Long street is famous for it wild nightspots. It has everything from live music, to student favourites with the pool tables. Even 24-hour food spots can be found here.

Long street Cafe (photo: Flickr)

Many hotels offer happy hour specials from 4pm – 6pm. Once you see the traffic headed out of town, you will want to stay and enjoy these!

Artsy fartsy

Operas, Classical ballets, theatre shows and festivals abound for those with a more refined palate. The Artscape, is formerly known as the Nico Malan theatre. Mesmerizing local and international productions are showcased here. Definitely worth a visit when in town!

The Labia is an institution in its own right. This darling cinema has been around for eons. It offers nouveau style movies for even the most discerning hipster.

Jazzart performing at Artscape Saturday Night. (Photo Nasief Manie / Foto24)

The Great Outdoors

Table mountain is Cape Town’s crown jewel. She is six times older than the Himalayas and five times older than the Rockies. Formed over a millenia ago as the result of tectonic forces. The breathtaking skyline from this beauty is unsurpassable.

Take a cable car to the summit or if you’re feeling more adventurous try any one of the hiking routes.

Lion’s Head and Devil’s Peak also make for great panoramic snaps so, they are well worth a climb.

Whether it be adventure, food or nightlife you’re after, a stay in Cape Town will guarantee to be fun.

Where To Stay

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Cape Town City Life -The Jax Blog

Doctor Doctor Suite – Daddy Long Legs Art boutique Hotel (Photo credit: AccommoDirect)

Manhattan Penthouse Apartment (photo credit: AccommoDirect)

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*7th Natural wonder of the world is Table Mountain

*biryani – This a South Asian mixed rice dish. Originating among the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. Biryani is made with spices, rice, and meat.

*TuynHuys – Dutch word for ‘Garden House’