Fireplaces in Franschhoek

?FRANSCHHOEK FIREPLACES ? On such a rainy & cold winter’s day I’m already missing the fireplaces of @franschhoek_sa ….?

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Fireplaces in Franschhoek was exactly what I needed to keep the winter chill at bay, so when I was invited on an overnighter by Franschhoek Tourism Association to the romantic Winelands I did not hesitate one bit!

Franschhoek is situated in the Winelands of the Western Cape and is so named because of it’s rich French history. Directly translated from Dutch, “Fransch” meaning French and “Hoek” meaning Corner, so literally French Corner‘.

The valley was originally settled in 1688 by French Huguenot refugees, many of whom were given land by the Dutch government in a valley called Olifantshoek “Elephants’ corner”, so named because of the vast herds of elephants that roamed the area.

The name of the area soon changed to Franschhoek, with many of the settlers naming their new farms after the areas in France from which they came. La Motte, La Cotte, Cabrière, Provence, Chamonix, Dieu Donné and La Dauphine were among some of the first established farms — most of which still retain their original farm houses today. These farms have grown into renowned wineries.

Much of the Cape Dutch architecture remains untouched, in order to preserve the spirit of the original settlers to the area.

We were in for a treat, well five treats to be exact. One to delight each of our senses 😉

*For more information, kindly click on each of the five links below to read more about my experience at each establishment.

Noble Hill Wine Estate

Haute Cabriere

La Residence Estate

Dutch East Restaurant

The Villas at Le Franschhoek

Fireplaces in Franschhoek - The Jax Blog

The Villas at Le Franschhoek

Fireplaces in Franschhoek - The Jax Blog

The romantic secret garden next my villa










Greeted by warm heaters as I entered, I will admit I was a little sad when I noticed there was no fireplace in my villa 🙁 However that was quickly remedied by the fabulous gift of Dieu Donne Wines, graciously given to us by the thoughtful Hospitality Hedonist, Llewellyn Who.

Fireplaces in Franschhoek - The Jax Blog

Delightful gift from Dieu Donne Wines & Hospitality Hedonist

Fireplaces in Franschhoek - The Jax Blog

Important information and bedtime chocolates









The Villa was spacious, with a self-catering kitchenette, small lounge (including flat screen TV & DSTV), outdoor patio, cosy bedroom and separate bathroom and guest toilet.

Fireplaces in Franschhoek - The Jax Blog

The outdoor patio of my Villa

Fireplaces in Franschhoek - The Jax Blog

The fully fitted self-catering kitchen

Fireplaces in Franschhoek - The Jax Blog

Luxurious and warm bedroom

Fireplaces in Franschhoek - The Jax Blog

Cosy living room area

Ideal for the romantic weekend getaway for two, or perhaps an overnighter with your BFF 😉

My only disappointment was the WIFI connection which was sadly not working during our stay 🙁

Other than that all in all a very sound slumber was had.

Where to find them?

The Villas at Le Franshhoek

Address: 16 Main Rd, Franschhoek, Western Cape, South Africa,  7901

Telephone: +27 (0)21 876 2308



Facebook: The Villas At Le Franschhoek

Twitter: @le_franschhoek

Instagram: @lefranschhoekhotel

Before we departed Franschhoek we popped into Café Bon Bon at La Petite Dauphine for breakfast.

With full tummies and heavy hearts,  we city dwellers reluctantly departed Franschhoek with fervent promises of return!

Fireplaces in Franschhoek - The Jax Blog

Such a great group of talented people! LT – RT: Kathryn Rossiter, Pippa Mcgann, Jenny Prinsloo, Emma Jude Jackson, Dax Villenue, Amy Hopkins, Allison Foat, Jacqui Cooks, Fiona Rossiter, Seth Shezi, Taryn Heyns and Emma jane Harbour {Photo credit: with kind permission of Relax with Dax}

A very BIG Thank You to Pippa Pringle from On The Marque PR for organizing this trip, Bettina Transport for shuttling us to and from Cape Town and Franschhoek Tourism Association and all above mentioned establishments for hosting us.


Coming up in July is the Annual Bastille Day Festivities on the 16th & 17th July 2016. If you are in the Western Cape, South Africa during this time I highly recommend you stop by Franschhoek for an unforgettable weekend of wine tasting and french flair.  Tickets cost: R220 ZAR pp  alternatively you can enter this contest and win yourself a pair of tickets from Hospitality Hedonist.



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