A Cape Town girl's guide to the Big Apple

Solo travel is just about the scariest thing a traveler can do… and yet, I’ve done it several times. Most recently to New York.

When the Big Apple beckons, a singleton just has to answer her siren call.

[Guest Blog]: Solo Travel in New York - The Jax Blog

Solo travel to New York is a great self-confidence booster. Image credit: www.ctgirlwiththeredscarf.com.

Here’s my guide to enjoying your solo trip to New York:

Have a vague idea of what you want to do when you get there:

Suggestions from loved ones for theatre shows and things to do were a great help to me.

I also knew, though, that the best travel moments and memories are made in the most unexpected places.

I didn’t book anything, beyond a City Pass (such amazing discounts and a fast-track past the long lines to the big attractions!) and followed my heart through the streets of New York every day.

Get transport savvy, fast:

[Guest Blog]: Solo Travel in New York - The Jax Blog

My first subway ride done and dusted! Image credit: www.ctgirlwithredscarf.com

New York’s subway system is world-renowned and with good reason. Fast, efficient and super easy to use once you get the hang of it, it’s the best way to get around your favourite city.

Get your Metro card as soon as you can and fill up as you need.

You’ll get lost, it’s OK:

Throw away the map…

OK, don’t …but do download the incredibly useful Maps –it is way more accurate than Google Maps and can be used offline. Always a plus when you’re trying to keep roaming costs down!).

Don’t miss the iconic sites:

The Empire State Building, Bryant Park, the Top of the Rock, Central Park …the list of must-see, iconic sites are endless.

[Guest Blog]: Solo Travel in New York - The Jax Blog

Finally made it to the Top of the Rock! Image credit: www.ctgirlwithredscarf.com

Try the unbeaten path too:

The best part of travelling solo is doing what you want, when you want..

Whether you are a fashionista, a geek, a theatre nerd or fitness enthusiast, there is something undiscovered in New York just waiting for you.

Embrace your solo travel experience:

Not everyone is going to understand your need for solo travel, much less doing it in New York, but I promise you it’s the best thing that could happen to you.

What are you waiting for? Book your tickets!

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