An Inner City Wine Route to Remember

Tuning The Vine , an inner city wine route; is an ingenious concept of bringing the vineyards to city dwellers once a month here in Cape Town, South Africa.

Dubbed as the new hip urban wine adventure from Fine Wine Events, promises to add a little spark to your otherwise dreary winter Wednesdays.

We arrived at uber trendy 91 on Loop Boutique Hostel to collect our glasses with queues around the block, as the event was sold out!

inner city wine route - The Jax Blog

Eight stops, one glass, multiple wines to taste and throngs of people packed into confined spaces, quickly dulled the thrill inner city wine tasting.

The stops were:

  1. 91 on Loop Boutique Hotel
  2. La Parada on BreeCreation Wines
  3. IYO Burgers  Vergenoegd Wines
  4. HQSpice Route Wines
  5. Boston Est 2015Innis & Gunn craft beer
  6. Weinhaus & Biergaarten (formerly &Union) – Marianne Wines
  7. Charango
  8. The Gin Bar (behind Honest Chocolate) – Gin tasting (which we missed out on)
inner city wine route - The Jax Blog

Innis & Gunn’s Rum Infused Beer

inner city wine route - The Jax Blog

Vergenoegd’s Runner Duck Red wine










I’m not a craft beer fan, but I am a rum fan so I thought why not try Innis & Gunn’s rum infused beer? So glad I did as my taste buds were pleasantly surprised! Not a bad beer at all. The delicious rum flavour finish left me licking my lips for more……I know! crazy right?! Whilst Boston is a cozy little hole in the wall I wouldn’t mind spending more time in.

We found ourselves racing from venue to venue on this inner city wine route to try and sip all of the wines before closing time at 9pm. Sadly we missed the last 2 venues, as we got to Charangos on the dot 9pm but they’d already packed up shop as had Honest chocolate when we got there at 9:05pm.

inner city wine route - The Jax Blog

Cheers! My sister, Michelé & I at HQ Restaurant enjoying a Spice Route Syrah Grenache Wine

We were hugely disappointed that the venues were not a little more flexible with their tasting times, seeing as there were so many people at the event, 3 1/2 hours were simply not enough.

A few of the highlights included; the Salsa Dancing at 91 on Loop boutique hotel, the delicious Spice Route Syrah Grenache savored at HQ and the many jovial faces of new friends. The friendly Tuning The Vine guides were super helpful about the route.

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I would definitely recommend that you try this at least once, just don’t go on an empty stomach with an empty wallet as food is not complimentary.

Do check out their website for next month’s shindig. R150 randelas gets you in, plus a tasting glass to keep.

A very special thank you to Vicky from Splash PR for the invitation and the pair of complimentary tickets. We really appreciated this experience!

Find them online:





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