Introducing Jaxpirational - The Jax Blog

Introducing #Jaxpirational

Introducing Jaxpirational - The Jax Blog

What is #Jaxpirational ?

#Jaxpirational is an inspirational series of all the wonderful souls who have crossed my path and have inspired me to do better every day in every way. Whether it be improving my blogging skills, learning more social media skills, improving my business skills or plain old-fashioned self-improvement to do good, these peers, colleagues, friends have made an impact in my life and I’d like to introduce them to you. So every Wednesday on my VLOG and right here on my BLOG, I’ll be sharing them with you.

#Jaxpirational is not only about me sharing, it’s about YOU! There’s so little positivity in the world today, I firmly believe

“What you think about, you bring about! “

and with that in mind, I’d really love people to share more positive, uplifting and inspirational messages on Twitter using the hashtag #Jaxpirational and I will Retweet them.

This is not a Twitter Chat, but a Twitter Stream of Consciousness . Every Wednesday at any time or all the time YOU and your friends and your friends’ friends are encouraged to join in and share messages of love and inspiration. Everyone is welcome to RT, Like & Engage with this stream,

I only have  2 rules:

1. Please be mindful of what you post and do not post anything negative. This includes possibly provocative topics such as politics, religion, race, social issues etc. Those will NOT be retweeted.

2. No self-promotion is allowed – so anything with a link will NOT be shared.

Feel free to post pictures, videos, quotes, sayings, photos anything uplifting as long as you’re using the hashtag #Jaxpirational 

Here’s to an authentic collaboration of a year!

Much Love & Lightness,

The Jax