Kangas, koalas and budgies oh my - The jax Blog

Kangas, Koalas and budgies oh my!

Kangas, koalas, and budgies ? What on earth is she on about?

Well, on my recent stint Down Under I got to grips with a new breed of Aussie wildlife. Having been to Australia a few times before, I’ve done the whole pet a Koala and feed a Kangaroo thing. This new species is quite something else.

Kangas, koalas and budgies oh my - The jax Blog

A couple of cute Koala bears – photo credit: Canva.com

Observing them cavort about in their natural habitat eludes different reactions from everyone. From uncontrollable fits of laughter to admirable glances, the side effects of catching them in action are as diverse as the candies in an M&M’s bag.

The kind of wildlife I’m referring to can be spotted on any of the famous stretches of Aussie coastlines. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours with only one distinctive marking that sets them apart from any other species.

Recently made famous at the Malaysian Grand Prix this year, when nine Aussies thought it was a good idea to expose their kind trackside! Of course being a Muslim country, this infraction was frowned upon heavily.

The upside of this scandalous debacle was not only unleashing this wild species but raising it to an international level of awareness.

Introducing the Budgy Smuggler

By now you must know that I’m talking about the infamous Budgy Smuggler. Also affectionately known in South Africa as a ‘Speedo‘ so called after the swimwear giant who manufactures them. Although I do think Budgy Smuggler is a much more apt name for the male swimwear, for, erm, obvious reasons *wink*

Once a sportswear choice for many male athletes, it had it’s 5 minutes of fame in the 80’s before fading into oblivion. Or so I thought, but now see that it never died in Australia. The longevity of these tiny swim briefs maintained by the men Down Under has bred a whole new species.

Kangas, koalas and budgies oh my - The jax Blog

Members of the ‘Wallabies’ (Australia’s National Rugby Team) wearing Budgy Smugglers – photo credit: Wikipedia

Kangas, koalas and budgies oh my - The jax Blog

An elderly gent in a ‘Budgy Smuggler’ – photo credit: Flickr

From ages, one to eighty these gravity defying briefs are just the ticket!

Just ask the dear old soul who was bathing at Tamarama Beach with his gold medallion swinging freely in his silver-breasted forest.

Nevermind the Kangas and the Koalas if you’re headed Down Under, keep your eyes peeled for the budgies. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Ps. For the guys reading this, order yours own now from www.budgysmuggler.co.au

Happy #WanderlustWednesday Travelers!