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Meet Ceeces Travel

Episode 10 of #Jaxpirational Series – Interview with Cee, Ceece’s Travel

This is my 10th VLOG in the #jaxpirational series.

#jaxpirational is an inspirational series of all the wonderful souls who have crossed my path and have inspired me to do better every day in every way. Whether it be improving my blogging skills, learning more social media skills, improving my business skills or plain old-fashioned self-improvement to do good. These peers, colleagues, friends have made an impact in my life and I’d like to introduce them to you. So every Wednesday on my VLOG, I’ll be sharing them with you.

Today I chat to the fellow blogger Cee from Ceece’s Travel. The first blogger to explain to me what a Social Media Kit was!

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Recorded with Screenflow via skype
Editing by Jacqui Cooks
Music by iMovie – Playful Theme

Disclaimer: I am not a professional videographer, nor hard-hitting journalist, all was shot on my iphone/webcam and edited in iMovie. By Ep 100 I’m sure I’ll have improved 🙂

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