No, this isn’t a post about what happens when you push over a stack of small black plastic squares with white dots on them.

But rather about what happens to your taste buds when you sink your teeth into the ooey gooey cheesy goodness of a deep pan pepperoni pizza from…you guessed it…Domino’s Pizza!

Recently I have had the pleasure of experiencing this undeniable pizza party in my mouth!

That’s right, the famous American Pizza brand has landed on our sunny shores at long last, bringing with them everything from the friendly, welcoming, super fast customer service to their delicious mouth-watering pizza itself!

Even the pizza box and napkins look so inviting with their bold retro graphics. I could just lick the box!

Plus! Did I mention the FREE delivery in 30 minutes? How’s that for service?

Do yourself a flavour and get down to Domino’s Pizza in Tableview Cape Town and try it out for yourself.

Trust me it’ll leave your taste buds wanting more…

Buon Appetito!

The Jax