The Glamazon that could fly

At first glance, you could easily be forgiven for thinking that this petite sized Glamazon was just another schmodel sipping on her skinny non-fat flat white.

Whilst nothing could be further from the truth.

This dynamic beauty’s business savvy, authenticity, and dedication completely turns the proverbial “Beauty is only skin deep” adage squarely on its head! This feisty femme has more tenacity in her pinky than most stay-fast mascaras on a good day! I marvel as she manages to hold down a full-time career whilst fiercely pursuing her passion on the side with the greatest of ease.

As an entrepreneur who has just gone back to full-time employment, I had my moments of doubt. Was I a failed fempreneur? That is until I met Qaanita Abrahams, the beauty, and brains behind OnQ makeup.

The glamazon that could fly - The Jax Blog

Qaanita sipping on her latte taken by Ms Hepburn Photography

A full-time mom of two, who takes to the skies as a flight attendant 6 days a week and STILL finds time to pursue her creative business venture as a make-up artist on her off days!!

She believes in empowering women by giving them the tools and lessons required to assist in building their self-esteem through the medium of make-up.

Makeup may seem like such a trivial luxury item to many, but whether we want to admit it or not there is a direct relation to our confidence, as women, that when we look good, we feel good. A little bit of lipstick can be an instant mood lifter on a bad day.

This inspirational woman spared a few moments and shared with me her secrets to success:

1. Don’t quit your day job!

Qaanita studied makeup artistry part time, whilst still committed to working full time. Today she still continues her full-time career whilst enjoying her creative career. Solid financial security is the firm foundation for any business owner and even more so for creatives. We all know that nothing kills passion faster than lack of finances.

2. Be Authentic and true to yourself always!!!

Don’t try to be someone you’re not. People can see through that. Just be you!

Her no frills, no-nonsense, upfront approach is the secret sauce that keeps her clients coming back for more.

People buy people, not products!

3. Respect Yourself! Set boundaries with your time.

Be present in the moment and switch off your phone when spending time with loved ones. Make an appointment to spend time with yourself. After all, you can’t water other plants when the well is dry 😉

The lesson that I learned from Qaanita is, that one needn’t choose between your passions or give up on your dreams. Prioritise, manage your time wisely and base your business on your values rather than your bottom line and you will go far.

The glamazon that could fly - The Jax Blog

Photography by Ms Hepburn photography

Her sheer ambitious determination has led her to start her own faux eyelash line, as well as a makeup tools range. You can check these all out on her website or at one of her upcoming lash bashes or makeup workshops.

The next makeup workshop is on16 September 2017 – BOOK NOW!

OnQ makeup packs a powerful punch through her Instagram account and her vivacious personality is clearly evident. Follow her on Instagram: @Onqmakeup

The glamazon that could fly - The Jax Blog

Photography by Ms Hepburn photography

“I believe in making the most of today and who I am with and being invested in that time” – Qaanita Abrahams

The epitome of today’s modern woman, bold, brave, beautiful and bright. I salute you Qaanita!

All Photographs taken by the talented genius photographer that is Miss Hepburn Photography