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To Thai For at Ginger and Lime Food studio


Dionysus and cupid, a marble reproduction wall plaque, after Giambologna, Italy 1570 at the entrance to Ginger and Lime Food Studio

Little did I know the divine food that awaited me, and if there was any doubt at all, this plaque depicting the greek god of wine Dionysus feeding Cupid the sweet elixir of life at the entrance of Ginger and Lime was a definitive sign that my tastebuds were in for a treat!

Tucked quietly away on the hills of Fresnaye, Ginger and Lime Food studio promises to be a unique food experience.

Run by passionate foodie and self taught chef extraodinaire Denise Levy, who also happens to be MD of one of Cape Town’s finest production companies, Cape Town Productions. Ginger & Lime was borne out of Denise’s love of food and it comes as no surprise to learn that Ginger & Lime is a finalist Sage One / Cape Talk Small Business Award contest .

I’m such a foodie, and as much as I love trying new things one of my favourite cuisines will always be Thai food.  I’d die for thai!

Tonight I was in for a treat as not only was I going to learn to cook a few new thai dishes, get to take the recipes home with me, meet a bunch of fabulous women, but I would also have the honour of learning from one of the most authentic Thai chefs in South Africa, who has even cooked for Thai Royalty, Chef Ae.


The Kitchen/Tasing room at Ginger & Lime

A gourmet supper club where all hands are on deck in her very chic open plan kitchen. Where else could one banter with Top chefs whilst preparing your meal?

After casual pleasantries were exchanged, and all of us had our obligatory glass of vino firmly in hand we were lead into the kitchen/tasting room, where we were given our 8 course Thai menu.

IMG_4299This was my first introduction to Meang Kum:




Such wonderful flavour explosions for your mouth.Grab a spinach leave, add a dash of chilli, lemongrass, garlic, ginger, onion, lime , coconut and palm sugar syrup; fold into a mini parcel and pop into your mouth! DAMN that was good let’s try another.

Followed by Tom Yum Goong – a flavourful, Sweet & Sour Prawn soup



Tom Yum Goong


Spicy Thai Beef Salad with Asian dressing and glass noodles


Detailed artistic cut carrot leaf


Thai fishcakes with a chilli dipping sauce and artistic carrot leaves garnish


Massaman Butternut Curry


Interactive cooking experience at Ginger & Lime

Alas I do not have any pictures of dessert, that cocount ice cream with pineapple did not stand a chance of being left on the plate for 1 minute to be photographed, it was too darn delicious!

A truly memorable and outstanding foodie experience that I would like to share with my family….perhaps next month…I wonder what or who will be cooking in Denise’s kitchen?


gingerandlimeIf you’d like more information on upcoming exciting dinner events or would like to make your own booking, just pop on over to her:


Facebook: Ginger and Lime

Twitter: @gingerandlimect


Ginger & Lime not only has these delicious dinner events, but one can also book it out for your own special private occasion including kiddies birthday parties.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your Ginger & Lime Food Experience NOW 🙂

As always, I really do