Blissful birthday is how I would describe my recent born day celebrations! Despite my inner nag hag’s best attempts at relegating another year’s festivities, it was my inner child that finally won in the end.  Cocktails and cake for everybody! Huzzah!

A Blissful birthday - The Jax Blog

Cocktails in the Mother City at Bliss Boutique Hotel – photo by Andre Beukes


Looking back on this past year, it has been anything but blissful. If I’m honest it has been challenging, chaotic and downright trying at the best of times. It has also been scary, exciting, and awesome. None of it turned out the way I had planned nor hoped for, instead what happened was far greater.

A year filled with boundless opportunities, incredible connections (and no I don’t mean the computer store franchise in SA) and abundant blessings. From starting my own business in January to travelling to the far-flung corners of the world to working with some pretty cool people, if I take a second to look back I have so much to be grateful for.

 “Sometimes good things fall apart so that greater things can fall together”

A Blissful birthday - The Jax Blog

Quite aptly stated by the late great Marilyn Monroe. I acknowledge that none of the amazing events or awesome people I have met through my work and travels would have come into being if things had gone the way I had planned. Everything happened as it should.


2016 has taught me to become resilient, fierce, brave, a little calmer but mostly to BE. To just BE, meaning to be ME. No matter the cost, that inner bliss comes from truly knowing yourself and who you are, or were, in my case before you had let the world decide who you should be.

Authenticity and being real regardless of the cost, sure I talk about it a lot but in practicality, it is way more difficult. The one thing that money, nor friends nor family nor loved ones can ever give or take away from you is your integrity. That is all you.

“ Om Namah Shivaya” – I Honor the Divinity within Myself


But getting back to my blissful state of Epicurious nirvana, I really must say a HUGE THANK YOU to Tessa’s Bakery for such a special cake. So unique…just like me! 😉 A unicorn rainbow unbirthday cake. Just ‘cos I’m getting older who said I can’t have my cake and eat it too?

A Blissful birthday - The Jax Blog

Unicorn Rainbow Un-birthday cake from Tessa’s Bakery – photo by Hilary Beukes

6 layers of scrumpdiddlyumptious rainbow flavoured  creamy chocolatey goodness! Eat your heart out Willy Wonka, there’s a new crazy-good confectioner in town.


What would a chic cake be without a trés chic venue? Blissful of only the best variety, with jaw-dropping sun-drenched views of Table Mountain that can only be found at The Bliss Boutique Hotel in Sunset Beach, Cape Town. A fairly recent secret hideaway I have discovered with 11 suites, a pool, restaurant, bar, lounge and a rooftop worth being blown off of. Want to know the best part? It’s right on the beach’s doorstep.

A Blissful birthday - The Jax Blog

Sunset over the Mother City – photo by Hilary Beukes

Thank you to the team at Bliss Boutique Hotel for being such great hosts for my little celebratory get-together. My sincerest thanks especially to the General Manager Jaco, for going out of his way to ensure my every birthday whim was attended to. I appreciate all the trouble you went to. It was by far one of the best boutique hotels I’ve been to this year!

A Blissful birthday - The Jax Blog

Bliss Boutique Hotel – Photo by CptTwins


Lastly, but by no means least I really want to say a big fat THANK YOU!

Thank you, not just to all my guests who celebrated with me on my special day, but to every single soul who has crossed my path this year.

To my family, who show me unlimited love and support every single day

To my amazing friends, who are as eclectic as my lust for life and whom I am constantly learning from

To the Reasons, for teaching me the whys of life

To the Seasons, for being there in the moments that I needed you

To the Lifetimes, insert family here – you’re stuck with me, sorry 😉

To my colleagues, clients, and peers who give my life meaning

To the haters, you motivate me to be better and to do better

To The Abundant Ever Loving Universe, for showering me with endless Blessings

A Blissful birthday - The Jax Blog

Great group birthday photo shot by Helena Grier Rautenbach

I thank all of you!

with Love & Lightness


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