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Episode 11 of #Jaxpirational Series – Not an Interview

#jaxpirational is an inspirational series of all the wonderful souls who have crossed my path and have inspired me to do better every day in every way. Whether it be improving my blogging skills, learning more social media skills, improving my business skills or plain old-fashioned self-improvement to do good. These peers, colleagues, friends have made an impact in my life and I’d like to introduce them to you. So every Wednesday on my VLOG, I’ll be sharing them with you.

Today is a little different as I’m not sharing an interview but rather a campaign that I am participating in to raise awareness for the good work that is being done by Red Cross Children’s hospital. The ONLY children’s hospital in Southern Africa, dedicated to healing children with only the best medical treatments available.

Tumour, leukaemia, cancer…these are just a few of the scary words that a seriously ill child could hear daily and become a part of their daily vocabulary when in ICU.

Give Their Childhood Back - The Jax Blog

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Red Cross Children’s hospital Trust, as do I believe there are a few words that children shouldn’t have to know at such a tender age. As part of their #GiveChildhoodBack campaign are encouraging everyone to think of new playful words kids should know.

I created the word “Toyman” out of the blocks, whilst my partner said “Ponies”

Give Childhood Back - The Jax Blog
Give Childhood Back - The Jax Blog








These are 2 words that resonate with us from our childhood and we are happy to be a part of this project to give back.

What is the point of this campaign and why am I taking part?


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Help us to give childhood back!

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